Yvonne Flipse

Yvonne Flipse



Paperclay self-hardening clay.

Modeling and painting.

Yvonne Flipse is a self-taught doll artist. She has been creative all of her life using all kinds of techniques and materials such as; drawing, painting, embroidery and flower arranging. She started sculpting with bread dough in 1975. Her creations were shown in some Dutch and Belgium stores. In 1978 Yvonne visited an exhibition in Essen. She instantly fell in love with the dolls she saw there, that is when she dedicated her life to doll art. After a year of practicing by herself she participated a course to learn how to refine her sculpting, all other techniques she evolved by herself.

Yvonne experimented with several materials and concluded that Paperclay is for her the ideal material to work with. The effect she gets by painting her creations with watercolor paint, is the soft romantic vibe in natural colors that she is looking for.


For nine years she had her own little shop with her work and materials.

She won 3rd prize in 1985 at “Damesbeurs Den Haag”, and it tasted like more. She exhibited more often at this event and was asked to also exhibit abroad.

From 1995 to 2000 she herself organized the exhibition “Poppen te kijk”. The last 3 years at “de grote kerk Goes” exhibiting over 50 artists from all over the world.


Yvonne exhibited her own dolls many times at exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad. She won several prices there during her career.


Over the years, Yvonne developed her own style and worked in different themes. The theme “life” is the thread that runs through her work. She is conducted by means of her hands and her spirituality over the past 25 years. This is shown in her figurines; elves, animals and other creatures. Their meaning exceeds their appearance. Her latest series of figurines has the theme “insight on your own path of life”. They are energetic and are used by Yvonne during her tarot sessions.

She drew the tarot cards herself with pastel chalk as well as the accompanying book “The golden path of the hare”.


Yvonne Flipse

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