Dabida Day

During the DABIDA day, all members showcase their work at a carefully chosen location. On this day, various members give a demonstration, they show which techniques and materials they use when making their creations. Questions from visitors are answered with great pleasure.

A well-known artist (or sometimes several artists) from home or abroad is also invited to exhibit their work and our guests are often willing to give a demonstration or explain their work.

The Hannie Sarris Award will also be presented on this day. The creations of the top 3 are present and the final winner will be announced.

We are happy to collaborate with museums, but also with other art forms such as song, dance and music in order to jointly express various disciplines within art.

The next DABIDA day will take place on sunday april 21, 2024, in museum Klok en Peel in Asten.



dabida day 2021

Sunday, October 3, 2021, after 1 year of absense, another DABIDA day was held at “het Klooster” in Nuenen. (No DABIDA day was organized in 2022 because of Corona pandemic)

This DABIDA day was a special day, organized in collaboration with the Blue Planet Harp ensemble from Nuenen.

The harp ensemble made a musical performance of a fairy tale “The Doll maker”. The fairy tale was written by Inge Frimout, the driving force behind the harp ensemble. She was also the composer of the music. It became a musical dream in which dolls come to life. Some characters (dolls) from the story were created by DABIDA members.

This was a big challenge because the dolls for the performance were much larger than the regular work that these DABIDA members make. In addition, it was also a technical challenge because the dolls had to be movable and playable.

The performance was shown twice that day and together with the doll exhibition, a big success.

The DABIDA members were present with their most beautiful and recent work. Some members gave a demonstration. The following guests were present: Anna Zueva, Viktoria Fribus and Ankie Daanen. The Hannie Sarris Doll Award was presented, with the beautiful creation of Ekaterina Lipikhina as the winner.

(photo’s: Ready for our visitors. Collaboration with Blue Planet Harp ensemble and their performance of the Doll Maker, our guest dollartists and the top 3 of the Hannie Sarris Award).

Impressions of the DABIDA day over the years