Dabida day

During the DABIDA day, all members showcase their work at a carefully chosen location. On this day, various members give a demonstration, they show which techniques and materials they use when making their creations. Questions from visitors are answered with great pleasure.

A well-known artist (or sometimes several artists) from home or abroad is also invited to exhibit their work and our guests are often willing to give a demonstration or explain their work.

The Hannie Sarris Award will also be presented on this day. The creations of the top 3 are present and the final winner will be announced.

We are happy to collaborate with museums, but also with other art forms such as song, dance and music in order to jointly express various disciplines within art.

The next DABIDA day will take place on april 21, 2024 in museum Klok en Peel in Asten. 

Dabida award 2023/2024


hannie sarris award”

We invite you to send your entry for this prestigious Award in 2023/2024.

Theme: Contact.

How to work out this theme is completely up to you, as long as it is a 3-dimensional figure or group of figures.

All media and styles are allowed such as clay, fabric, abstract, realistic etc.

This competition is open for doll makers from all over the world.

(foto: Top 3 from HSA 2021)