Nel Groothedde

Nel Groothedde



Porcelain en polymer clay.

Modeling, making molds and painting. 

After a long search for the right material Nel Groothedde decided to work in porcelain. This is not the easiest material to work with, but Nel thinks it is the most beautiful material for her dolls. The long process of modeling, making molds, sanding and baking, is rewarded with a beautiful result that gives the doll durability and class. Making dolls out of porcelain was an eye-opening experience for Nel.


Nel prefers to create babies and young children, capturing that special moment in their young lives. Her baby dolls are born out of fantasy although her work is realistic. There’s not a certain plan or idea in her head when she starts working on a new baby, it just comes together while her hands do the job. Each face, hand or foot is a new experience. She learns something new with every minimal change and different emotion, it’s an addiction. She also started sculpting her babies in polymer clay. This material gives them a more lifelike appearance. Her girls, like her beach collection, are still made in porcelain.


Nel also owns a studio and gallery, next to her house in the scenic town of Zierikzee for more then ten years now. She is still experiencing this as a great luxury to walk into this dreamworld each and every morning. Each doll that has been completed will have their own nice private place in her gallery. A nice extra of making dolls is traveling to exhibitions and meeting colleagues from all nationalities. Regularly she visits exhibitions in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia and the U.S. She would like to invite you to her gallery and studio and have a look at her dolls.


Nel Groothedde

Zuidwellestraat 14

4301 GT Zierikzee

The Netherlands

Telephone: +31(0)11 1415216