Kim van de Wetering

Kim van de Wetering



Polymer klei.

Modeling and painting.

As a child, Kim van de Wetering had two things she loved to do most, playing with dolls and drawing dolls and faces. When she grew up, the love of dolls was still present. She visited for the first time a doll and a teddy bear fair. She loved it, and Kim bought her first collector doll, a porcelain baby doll. That was the start of a small collection of dolls.


A few fairs later she saw hand sculpted baby dolls. She was so inspired, that she immediately bought the necessary materials and started her first handmade doll when she arrived at home. Making dolls was a challenge for Kim. She started with big baby dolls and toddler dolls. She also made some elves, but it’s the small baby dolls that give her the most satisfaction to create. It is a challenge for Kim to work in a small scale and to let a new little person occur in every new doll she creates. When she is working on a doll she forgets everything around her and gets lost in the sculpting experience.


Kim sculpts her dolls from Polymer clay. Most of her dolls range from 10 to 25 cm in size. They have a fabric body, to make them posible.


Kim van de Wetering