Hennie Koffrie

Hennie Koffrie



Paperclay (self-hardening clay) and welding wire.

Modeling and welding.

Hennie Koffrie has been an independent artist since 1982. She created her work under the name “Puppet-Art”, the name she registered for her dolls. During her studies at Colour & Design Academy in Laren in the seventies, she was asked by an advertising company to create some puppets. This was in her second year of studie when her doll making began.


Hennie was a great admirer of both the theatre and puppet theatre and had the innocence to believe that in her hands anything was possible. Since then one of her motives is: “When everything is possible, there are no limits to more possibilities”. Her dolls transitioned from theater puppets to art dolls that make you think. She does not pretend that they are human beings.


Hennie: ”I sculpt without limitations and because they mirror my thoughts they must have a transient and fragile look to hide their power”. Her goal is to incorporate the past, present and future into one object. A fascinating process with ups and downs and often quite time consuming. That is why it takes a long time to develop a piece.


Hennie Koffrie

Generaal. K. v.d. Heijdenlaan 9a

3743 KT Baarn

the Netherlands

Telephone: +31(0)35 5445095