Caroline van Stiphout

Caroline van Stiphout



Self-hardening clay, papier-maché and wood.

Modeling, painting and woodcarving.

Caroline van Stiphout has been making dolls since 2005, initially from self-hardening clay. Since she attended a 4-day workshop in 2008 where she learned the basic techniques to make dolls from papier-maché, she likes this technique and material. She decided to continue working with papier-maché.

With torn pieces of paper and glue on a styrofoam base she builds up her work. At least 7 layers of paper for the base, after which the molding takes place. She tries to work as smooth as possible, then she sands and paints the figure when it is dry.

 Caroline likes to work small and pushes the boundaries to see what can be made with scraps of paper and glue. How tiny she is able to work and still get the details she wants to show. She also finds it challenging to make papier-maché accessories such as hats, shoes and bags. She paints them as if they were made out of fabric or leather.

Several times she exhibited her work abroad, like in Prague, Milan, Münster and Riga. In Prague she saw the beautiful wooden puppets. For her it was enchanting to see how these movable dolls, trigger reactions from the young but also older audience.

She wanted to know more about puppets and woodcarving and decided to go to Prague in 2018 to attend a week-long workshop to learn to make wood carved puppets herself. Still working with paper, she occasionally made creations of wood. It took her a few more years before she found an online course that will help her to improve her woodworking skills.

Wood is now the material she prefers to work with, to discover what kind of creations she can make with this beautiful material. The possibilities are endless.


Caroline van Stiphout

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