Amy van Boxel

Amy van Boxel




Modeling, making molds and painting.

Amy van Boxel grew up around making dolls. Mother Bets van Boxel, one of the founders of Dutch doll making, started ‘de Poppenstee’ in 1986. Amy graduated from the Design Academy in 1992. She joined her parents in 1996. Soon after, she makes her own dolls. When Jos and Bets retire in 2008, Amy continues.

Amy is fascinated by people, especially ordinary people. Children from all over the world whom she meets while traveling. These children, photographed by Amy, have been translated into a smaller version of the real children. The character and atmosphere of the country and its people are especially important. That is why Amy uses authentic fabrics and accessories as much as possible.

Amy mainly works with porcelain, but also with air-drying clay or Polymer clay. Each doll has crystal eyes and real human hair or mohair wigs to make the doll as lifelike as possible. All porcelain dolls are made in a limited edition of 5.

Amy likes to show her ´Children of the World´ to the public. She exhibited her dolls in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Her dolls can also to be seen online at the Poppenstee website. Older collections by Bets are also on the website. At Amy’s gallery ‘de Poppenstee’ her dolls, but also some of Bets, can be seen all year round. ‘de Poppenstee’ can be visited daily by appointment.


Amy van Boxel

‘t Vaartje 14,

5165NB Waspik,

The Netherlands

Telephone: +31(0)416312134



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