workshop by Viktoria

I am Viktoria Kostina and I teach online how to make wooden dolls.


Online Course – Wooden Miniature Nutcracker

Purpose of the course:

Get acquainted with the process of creating dolls from wood using as an example a miniature Nutcracker.

Nutcrackers are always very cute, even made by very beginners.

What we are going to do on the course:

  • First, we will organize a safe workplace, purchase quality tools and linden wood.
  • We will learn how to make wooden blanks for dolls and templates for work
  • We will master to work safely with chisels and learn about the features of wood as a material
  • We will learn how to sharpen our tools
  • We will carve the Nutcracker out of wood
  • We will paint the doll, fix the painting, create a costume using a dummy method
  • We will assemble a doll with movable legs and arms


Why will this work:

The sequence of lessons breaks down the process into understandable and doable tasks.

The teacher is constantly present in the course support chat and will help you deal with difficult moments.

A friendly atmosphere and support from fellow students will help you maintain a working mood.

How long to study:

The course is designed for one month and consists of 9 15-30 minute video lessons. 

How is the course going:

The lessons of the course are posted on the website of the online school, which I will open to you after payment.  For those who study from a smartphone or tablet, the school has a convenient mobile application.

Lessons can be watched at a convenient time for you.

For each lesson, the teacher gives feedback and answers your questions throughout the day.

Access to the lessons of the course remains for 6 months

The cost of the course is 56 euro

Viktoria Kostina, the author of the courses, will be happy to answer your questions in whatsapp, telegram or instagram direct