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The Miracle Worker






Would you like to try out whether modeling is something for you, but you do not want to take weekly lessons, then a workshop might be something for you. There is a choice of a half-, 1- or 2-day workshops:


½ day workshop: making relief tile

In this workshop you will learn how to sculpt an image in relief on a tile. This can be a flower, an animal, a face, but also, for example, a birth announcement. There is of course more possible as long as it is not too complicated, because then you will run out of time. If you run out of time there is a possibility to extend the workshop.

The ½ day workshop lasts about 3.5 hours and takes place in my studio.

The costs are € 29.50 including coffee, tea, some snacks and the use of tools and materials. Any extension costs 10 euros per hour.


1-day workshop: a head on a mug

In this one-day workshop you will make a head on a mug of self-hardening clay. The size of the figurine is approximately between 10 and 25 cm, depending on the size of the mug you use as a base. There is a small, medium and large version. This workshop is for both beginners and advanced.

The workshop lasts from 09:30 – 17:00 with a short lunch break and takes place in my studio. To use as much of the time as possible for modelling, there is a short lunch break in which you can eat your own sandwiches.

The costs are: small € 49.50, medium € 52.50 and large € 55 (including materials, coffee, tea and some sweets)

In principle, this workshop is given every last Saturday of the month, but other days are also possible in consultation. The workshop will take place with a minimum of 4 participants, and can be given on location. Ask for the possibilities.


Weekend workshop

Just a weekend for yourself to give your “creative self” the peace and space to get started, without worry and stress. Wouldn’t that be wonderful! This 2-day workshop gives you a little more opportunity to taste the different aspects of modeling or also to make 1 or 2 of the head on a mug in peace.

The workshop is on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in my studio. There is also an opportunity to start discussing what you want to make and what materials are needed on Friday evening. There are various accommodation options nearby.

The costs for this weekend are € 125,- including materials, coffee, tea, something delicious and 2 x lunch.

Starting the Friday evening already costs € 25 extra

Date for the workshop is determined in consultation with at least 3 participants.

There is also a possibility to give this weekend workshop on location, for example in a hotel or holiday home. An ultimate opportunity to really get away from it all and fully focus on your creativity.

This is also in consultation with the participants. Then we start on Friday evening and there are 2 overnight stays, 2 x breakfast, 2 x lunch, 1 x dinner on Saturday and coffee and tea during the workshop. The cost for this all-inclusive workshop depends on the cost of the location.



Whether you are a beginner who would like to relax and work on an image to be chosen by yourself or in consultation or you are more advanced and would like to learn all the tricks of the trade, then regular lessons are a great option for you. You can choose whether you want to have lessons weekly, fortnightly or once a month.


Regular lesson

The class lasts 3 hours and is in the morning from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. or in the afternoon from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.

The day is in consultation. If you have to come from far and want to limit the travel time, you can also take 2 lessons in 1 day. If you want to purchase a 5 or 10 lesson card, it is advisable to plan the dates in advance at the first lesson. This is to prevent a class from being full. Of course there is always a possibility to change a lesson date if necessary or to catch up on a lesson due to illness.

The prizes are:

Single lesson: € 27.50

5-lesson card €125 (= total €12.50 discount compared to the separate lesson price, valid for 3 months)

10-lesson card €235,- (= a total of €40 discount compared to the separate lesson price, valid for 6 months)

The continuous lessons include coffee, tea and some sweets, use of tools and basic materials, but excluding clay. The lesson will take place with a minimum of 3 participants.

At Studio Markus you can also buy a lot of materials, so if you are in need of something during class, you can purchase it on site. Saves you a trip to the store or shipping costs if you order it.


Private lessons

If it is the case that you would like to have lessons in peace without distraction from others and with all the attention for you because you do not have to wait “for your turn”, then there is a possibility to get private lessons.

A private lesson costs €17.50 per hour including coffee, tea and some sweets.

Day and time in consultation.


Master class

If you already have some experience with modelling, but you would like to develop more in certain areas, you can participate in a master class. There are several master classes in which performance of a particular aspect is taught.

You just can’t manage to get that one aspect right. Or you would like to learn multiple ways to make that particular aspect.

Think, for example, of the head in general, the proportions, an eye, an ear, the nose or the mouth. But also the proportions of the body, hands, feet or other parts of the figure.

Learn certain tricks via Tips & Tricks to achieve a beautiful end result.

Masterclasses are more intensive than the regular modeling classes. The subject to be learned is discussed in more detail and requires a little more effort from both the participant and the teacher.

You will also receive homework, practice at home what you have learned in class, which will be assessed in the next lesson.

A masterclass consists of 2 lessons of 2.5 hours and costs a total of 55 euros, including coffee, tea, some snacks and the use of tools and all materials. Date and times are in consultation. Minimum number of participants is 2

If you have to come from far, you can get the 2 lessons on the same day. Then bring your own lunch and there will be an opportunity in between to independently practice and have it assessed.


Other workshops:

Studio Markus also offers creative workshops for children and adults.

For example: – Making a mask

– Decorate gift boxes

– Make a spoon doll