Tine kamerbeek

Tine Kamerbeek



Self-hardening clay.


Tine Kamerbeek already started making art dolls in the sixties. Her favorites are fairy-tale characters, such as fairies and trolls. She still makes them with great pleasure and imagination. Since air dry clay was not available when she started, her first dolls were made out of cotton wool drenched in wallpaper paste. It was a sticky job, but the result was good. Now she uses Japanese Paperclay or Formo Fit. Some of her dolls are sculptured all over and others have fabric bodies that are filled with cotton. Her dolls are painted with oil paint. Tine is also a member of NIADA (National Institute of American Doll Artists).


Tine Kamerbeek

Pythagorasstraat 144b

1098 GH Amsterdam

the Netherlands

E-mail: tine.kamerbeek@wanadoo.nl

Website: http://www.tinekamerbeek.nl