Iuliia Samoilova

Iuliia Samoilova



Textile, polymer clay.

Modeling and textile sculpture.


My name is Julia Samoilova. I am originally from Russia but now living in Belgium. My passion for dolls started when I saw a handmade designer doll on the internet. In 2018 I worked with clay for the first time. I took Natalia Filinova’s master classes. In 2019, a competition was held to create a textile doll and I wanted to participate in it. This was the moment that my «Textile Sculptures» were born. The base of the doll is felted with synthetic volumizing wadding on a wire frame. The final image of the doll is achieved with fabric, which is attached to the base with a monofilament. The fabric has a major role in the creation of the doll. Sometimes I combine textiles with elements of polymer clay in my work.

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