Evdokia Vogelaar – Kiourtsidou

Evdokia Vogelaar - Kiourtsidou



Self-hardening clay.

Modeling, painting.

Evdokia Kiourtsidou, is 47 years old and originally from Greece. Since 2018 she lives in Oldebroek with her husband David Vogelaar. In May 2020 she started making dolls as an autodidact, but since September 2022 she has been taking online courses from a professional Russian artist, to improve her technique.


Evdokia loves making dolls from self-hardening clay (La Doll). Sometimes she makes full women, but she also likes to make fairytale creations. Her goal is to create a small scene that makes you dream away.


Evdokia likes to combine fine textiles, lace and the best materials for her creations. Each creation takes her quite a bit of time to make as she is a perfectionist. She is often surprised by the result herself.


Evdokia Vogelaar-Kiortsidou

Beeklaan 20,

8096 AM Oldebroek

Telephone: +31(0)610000212

Website: www.lovelyjobly.nl

Instagram: eudokiakiourtsidou

Facebook: eudokia.kiourtsidou