Dutch and Belgian Institute of Doll Artists

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Welcome to the DABIDA website, the Institute for Dutch and Belgian Doll Artists.

On our website you will find the work of our members with links to their personal websites and all kind of information about doll art.

For questions, please contact: info@dabida.eu
Your question will be answered by one of the DABIDA artist members.

DABIDA was founded in 2006 by a small group of Dutch Doll Artists. DABIDA counts today 17 members. DABIDA is a non-profit organisation.
We are dedicated:

To reach this goal we will promote the doll art and figurative art of our members through our website. We will show our work together as members of DABIDA at shows, exhibitions and art related events.

Next to this we organize the DABIDA Annual Doll Award. DABIDA has called this Award the Hannie Sarris Doll Award, to honor Hannie Sarris, founder and president of DABIDA, who passed away may 2010. Hannie was a fabulous doll artist and a wonderful friend.

Through our News page you will be kept informed where to view the work of our artists and which shows or exhibitions we will attend.

DABIDA board members:

Saskia Hoeboer
Francisca Markus
Amy van Boxel
Caroline van Stiphout

Contact: info@dabida.eu


Every year DABIDA organises a special DABIDA day. Artist members show their pieces of art in a nice ambiance. One or more famous doll artists are invited as guest to show their works of art.

It will be possible for everybody to have a conversation with the DABIDA artist members. The artist members are willing to communicate about the techniques they use and they will be happy to answer all your questions about doll making and to give advice.

The DABIDA day will be held in April on a location in the south of the Netherlands. In case you have problems finding the location, DABIDA offers transport from the nearby railway station to the location.

Doll as Art

Dolls are toys?
The classical doll used to be a small human like figure that was made to be part in a role play.

So different is the doll as art.

The Art Doll is a work of art drawn from the mind and hand of the artist and not bound by the same rules as dolls in other categories.
It doesn't not have to be recognizable as a human form. It may be dressed or not. If dressed, the clothes may be carved, sculpted, glued on etc. Any media is permissible and likely.

The art doll is judged by the same criteria as any other form of art, i.e., by the principles of design, scale, proportion, contrast, dominance, rhythm, balance, and must be judged for what it is, nothing else.

(Jane Covington)