Dutch and Belgian Institute of Doll Artists

Books and CD's

On this page you will find books and a cd published by our DABIDA artist members.

In the book you find work of the following DABIDA members : Diane Guelinckx - De Becker , Marijke Van Ooijen, Tine Kamerbeek,
Amy Van Boxel , Hannie Sarris .

The price is Euro 30,00 plus shipping costs.
For more informatie please send an email to oo.berger@laposte.net .

Beautiful NIADA boek

Price Euro 59,50 plus shipping costs.

Order through:



Wings made of organza in differet shapes, sizes and colours starting at 7 euro per set

Astrid Mulder

sculpting tools
boetseer gereedschappen
Wie: Amy van Boxel

styrofoam heads, arms and legs
styrofoam hoofden
Wie: Amy van Boxel

matt varnish
matte vernis
Wie: Amy van Boxel

doll accessories
poppen accessoires
Wie: Amy van Boxel

Many meterials are also found at: