Dutch and Belgian Institute of Doll Artists

DABIDA membership is open to Dutch and Belgian artists. We are looking for doll artists who have their very special own style of doll making on a high level. Their work should show a completely new aspect of doll making. It should not be a copy of an already existing style or resemble it. DABIDA is not looking for "more of the same".

To judge the work of novice members in a good and honest way, a selection committee is formed of 8 DABIDA members. Artists interested in DABIDA membership, are invited by sending an email to


and attach the following to this email:

The selection committee will judge the work on:

Every member of the selection committee can give his or her vote for acceptance to DABIDA.

An applying artist can receive a maximum of 8 votes. At receiving a positive judgment of the committee the applying artist will receive an invitation to show their work. After which the decision is made about the acceptance to DABIDA.

We will enlighten especially the good parts of the work, and will give advice to improve the work, so that acceptance to DABIDA might be possible in the future.
We highly recommend that artists interested in membership will attend our annual DABIDA day.

For more information about this annual event please see the page about the "DABIDA day".

Interested artists will receive good and honest critiques during this day, to help improve the work.

Artist members are expected to attend our annual DABIDA days.

Also is expected that they will participate in DABIDA activities and will help with tasks to keep DABIDA functioning.

Annual dues are approximately 30 euro. Also another 40 euro is charged for contribution to the DABIBA day.